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1011 TR Amsterdam
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Telefoon: 06 53519442

ING Bank: NL73 INGB 0006 3750 01
tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is

an ANBI-stichting

It was dark outside. December rains ravaged in fits and beat the windows of the building where the Back to Better Future foundation receives, trains and accompanies undocumented foreigners in a sustainable return to their homeland. My working day was over. The moment I turned off my computer, the bell rang. I got up and found myself halfway up the stairs when the gong reverberated again, now incessantly through the building. I accelerated, grabbed the latch and unlocked the door...


This is Deo, one of our partners who returned a few years ago with BtoB. First, he started a small business for himself and soon expanded this with a small shop, corn farming, and more. He founded a foundation to help young people with their future. He built a school for orphans and does a lot for the community.

Through Deo, people can now also be helped with a kind of micro-credit (Sago) where people put money into each other and take turns expanding their business.

Deo is grateful for the help he once received and is now committed to others...


G. was a journalist in Nepal until he got into problems and chose to flee to the Netherlands. In the Netherlands it was difficult life for G. He didn't get asylum and stayed undocumented in the country. Soon he got homesick and he wanted to re...

Madame S. from Indonesië loves her children. Her great wish is that her children will be able to study. Years ago she came to the Netherlands to earn money for the study of her children back in Indonesia.  In the Netherlands S. had a num...

Agus is a man from Indonesia who felt ready to go home to his country of origin. We really enjoyed his presence at Bridge to Better. He is disarming and always in for jokes and fun. Another welcome discovery for us: Agus cooks the stars from the s...

My name is John and I came to the Netherlands to work and support my family in Eritrea. I have a wife and 3 kids back in Eritrea. I thought that The Netherlands would be very open to receiving me and I would have great opportunities. While I was in The Netherlands I found out that the reality is completely different than I thought it would be

In the Netherlands, I learned to do odd jobs.

I have done all kinds of work such as bricklaying, woodworking, painting, bricklaying walls, setting glass, connecting water, and working in construction. These experiences have taught me a lot and inspired me to use them in my home country...

In March 2021 I went back to Uganda. It was during corona and therefore there was a curfew and measures. This made it difficult for me to really start with my compost farm. In the meantime I have bought 7 pigs and a small corn plantation. My days are filled with work. I take care of my son, the pigs and work on my corn plantation. My goal is...



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