Bridge to Better Future
Schippersgracht 3
1011 TR Amsterdam
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Telefoon: 06 53519442

ING Bank: NL73 INGB 0006 3750 01
tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is

een ANBI-stichting

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In the Netherlands, I learned to do odd jobs.

I have done all kinds of work such as bricklaying, woodworking, painting, bricklaying walls, setting glass, connecting water, and working in construction. These experiences have taught me a lot and inspired me to use them in my home country.

This is my workshop in the Middle East. I started to set up a workshop myself. I am currently renovating my own house. I shipped a large part of the tools from the Netherlands. I hand-painted the ceiling myself and refurbished the floor. Then I made shelves and compartments out of wood with my tools.

It took a while before I found the right wood because wood here is different than in the Netherlands. In building my workshop I encountered many challenges, but I have learned that you have to face challenges in order to overcome them. The in-kind money is not much, but my father always says: "it's not about which car you drive, but how you drive". With that, I learned to be grateful for what I have and to make something of what I have. I am happy with my small workshop and I have confidence in the future.