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Voluntary return

Bridge to Better has developed a multiple-phase-return trajectory to stimulate and equip participants who want to return.

Phase 1 - orientation
We discuss what a person needs to return within a timeframe of (usually) four months. We look at the education they received in their home country, and what profession they have practiced. Based on the specific skill set and talents of the participants, we look at what they can do best.

Phase 2 - empowerment
In the second phase we empower participants through setting up a small business with coaching, training and personal guidance. We look at what a person needs, for example which raw materials, and we'll figure out how to realise those needs.

Phase 3 - refinement
Communication with the country of origin becomes more intensive. We ensure everything is arranged as far as possible. For instance, we will look for a location and space for the bussiness of the returnee. Where possible we already put in place materials and machines in the homeland of the returnee, so everything will be ready for the return.

Phase 4 - return
One month before return the returnee will be notified to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). We will work together in the last phase of voluntary return. The country and medical expertise of IOM completes the programme of Bridge to Better. As such we can be totally focused on personal guidance and offering a well fitted trajectory for each participant.

Back in the country
Our work isn't finished when the participant is returned. We help the returnee to reunite with family and to find a place to live. One day a week we call with the returnee. We answer their questions and help wherever needed. In this way we monitor the wellbeing of the returnee.