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Bridge to Better Future is

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Psycho-education & guidance

We want to support migrants who also need some extra psychological support after various traumas. Cultural differences, expectations and personal isolation require personal guidance and attention from a professional. People who sometimes passively waited for years for the decision of their procedure became depressed, passive and dependent on care because of the lack of any goal. Many psychological complaints are the result of these difficult periods in which they were not allowed to learn, work and sometimes live.

It is therefore important to focus on activation as soon as there is a prospect of a status, so that the gap to a normal life and the labor market becomes smaller. In most cases there is a waiting period of months for trauma and other psychological help through mental health institutions. Where possible, we work together in parallel. In our guidance we have seen that support by a professional in the field of dealing with trauma, psychological limitation or depression goes well together in parallel to the trajectory. Positive activation has a positive effect on the psychological state and is sometimes even healing. Bridge to Better has been working with this target group for more than 12 years and has developed a program to encourage and guide these people. In addition, the team has been trained, among other things, in a methodology that can be used in parallel with possible practitioners (7-roses (https://7roses.arq.org/nl/methodology)

Voluntary return support for vulnerable returnees

When a participant considers voluntary to move to their home country or a third country, but struggles with medical or psychological problems, Bridge to Better investigate if this is possible and can offer a responsible return trajectory.

Additional care 

Bridge to Better offers special care for vulnerable target audiences who need additional support, such as people who suffered from longterm illegality, exploitation or human trafficking. We aim to collaborate intensively with all involved (chain) partners, juridical/medical/educational professionals, businesses and the municipality of Amsterdam to ensure all needed knowledge and experience is utilised for the needs of the returnee.

Medical conditions

Special attention is needed when travelling with medical conditions. It is important to find an answer to all questions about the available medical care in the country and to prearrange what is possible. Bridge to Better and the returnee will make an inventory of the problems and contact their the treating doctor/institution (only with permission of the participant). We work with diverse care professionals to ensure that every returnee receives the best specialist care needed.

Collaboration with IOM 

Bridge to Better works directly with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to seamlessly integrate her assitance with the follow-up process in the country of origin. Since 20 years IOM has been a specialist in offering care trajectories for migrants with medical or psychological conditions. Many worries of our returnees can be taken away when a good working plan is created and started. Together with IOM, Bridge to Better guides returnees with psychological and/or medical conditions to all countries at the IOM list.

Read more about the possibilities of (medical) support at "Return with medical Assistence". 

Custom work

Bridge to Better believes in collaboration that puts the participants needs first. We want to deliver customized care, which means that we want to stay faithful to our vision of supporting our participants in the best ways possible. As such we are also open to go along with a partner switch, if that serves best the specific desires and needs of a returnee.