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tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is an ANBI foundation. Your gift is tax deductible 

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We are gratefull for any amount

Because of your donation many people can be helped

Thank you for your support

Bridge to Better needs your help!

We want to continue our support to migrants!  I's so needed !

To bridge the period until the next subsidy,

we urgently need your help.

PLEASE HELP so we can help

At the moment many people with and without residency status are stuck and do not receive the help they need and are suffering ! 

A lot of then become sick, feel hopeless and knock on our door for help.

We help people who enter the Netherlands with help&support, training to integrate faster. Our goal is the help with a durable realistic start.

Also we help people who want to prepare for a new start in their own country, so that they can start a small business for themselves, their families and communities. To decide there must be perspective and the right preparation. Hundreds of people already received our help and started a new life.


So that our beautiful work and help to migrants can continue

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In order to allow her beautiful work to continue, Bridge to Better is looking for support from donors, companies and funds that believe in our approach and want to help invest in a sustainable future for our participants through our work.

We are gratefull for any amount

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Thank you for your support