Bridge to Better Future
Schippersgracht 3
1011 TR Amsterdam
Email : info@bridgetobetter.org
Telefoon: 06 53519442

ING Bank: NL73 INGB 0006 3750 01
tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is

an ANBI-foundation

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This is how we work:

  • Mutual trust: The contact with our clients runs on the basis of equality. We are honest with participants; they are honest with us.
  • A positive approach: Hope is a principle of Bridge to Better. We want to be a bridge to a better future.
  • Empowerment: We believe in giving hope by connecting to and reviving the strengths of our participants. Awareness of learning opportunities and taking responsibility.
  • Person-centered: Every client has different needs, each story requires a different approach. All our participants will receive personal coaching.
  • Sustainable approach We want to proactively guide (Pre-) status holders so that they can start work as soon as possible. Prevent them from getting into an aid crisis that lasts for years.

  • Sustainable approach: Participants who return, are able to run a small business or start working so that they will be able to make a living. Bridge to Better also helps in the start-up on the spot where possible. Use is made of both local and auxiliary support from the private network.


  • By allowing young (pre) status holders to gain experience at an early stage by means of learning paths, they can immediately start work as soon as they get their status. In this way we prevent them from becoming dependent on benefits and sinking more and more into assistance

  • By assisting migrants to return voluntarily and with a positive perspective, the Netherlands is contributing to effective aid for the long term. At the same time, we provide an elegant solution for the financial and social burden of our country both in the short and long term.
  • The result of our approach is a win-win situation for both the government and the (illegal) alien. No longer will an appeal be made on public funds, and the returnees in can provide for their own livelihood back in their own countries.
  • Through personal coaching, we help people to return with dignity. The initial hopeless situation is now a chance for a better future.