Bridge to Better Future
Schippersgracht 3
1011 TR Amsterdam
Email :
Telefoon: 06 53519442

ING Bank: NL73 INGB 0006 3750 01
tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is

an ANBI-foundation

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Bridge to Better is an foundation that has been committed to equipping, stabilizing and guiding foreigners in dependency situations for years. Since 2012, BtoBF has experience with empowerment and education programs for migrants and undocumented migrants and successfully stimulates them towards a successful sustainable future. Hundreds of people have found their way in the Netherlands/Europe after the guidance and training. More than 420 people, after being equipped to voluntarily return to their country, chose to find work or start small businesses. Some even pass on their knowledge to others. Key to success was the proactive approach, education, small business training and empowerment. This is where the need arose for specific work-study trajectories that provide a practical bridge to a job. In 2019 we restarted after a short break because of a leak of finance with the same team and integrated integration support as Bridge to Better Future. BtoBF has a large network in the Netherlands and in various countries and works in the interest of the migrant, who is central, together with the Municipality of Amsterdam, St. Equator, Kruispost, Dignita and various small companies, which can generate work placements.

Bridge to Better is a non-governmental Anbi Foundation and has its own vision: Creating opportunities for migrants.