Bridge to Better Future
Schippersgracht 3
1011 TR Amsterdam
Email : info@bridgetobetter.org
Telefoon: 06 53519442

ING Bank: NL73 INGB 0006 3750 01
tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is

an ANBI-foundation


With our program, any counseling and training we offer, we want to connect to the strength and self-reliance of the migrant and help develop that. Our approach focuses on and acquiring relevant skills.


In a Personal development training (Covey), people are taken on board to take control of their own lives from being dependent in order to be able to work on positive goals and cooperation.


We offer weekly computer classes and small business training.

In the business training, the participant learns to write a business plan that is feasible and has a high chance of success. To do this, the plan must meet our SMART requirements: it must be Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound.

Our empowerment training runs parallel to the business training and teaches people to convert learned destructive thoughts into positive thoughts. Dealing with disappointments and learning to make new realistic choices and more. 

We also offer training for people who suffer from stress and trauma. Our training 7-Roses teaches people with their problems to gain energy and to progress.

In addition, we organize various skills training courses such as: Social Media and online shop and more.

If participants are interested in acquiring a specific skills, we help them find a good opportunity to train them. To participate in our program, look at our training offer overview.

Contact us is you like to join one of our trainings.