Bridge to Better Future
Schippersgracht 3
1011 TR Amsterdam
Email : info@bridgetobetter.org
Telefoon: 06 53519442

ING Bank: NL73 INGB 0006 3750 01
tnv St. Bridge to Better Future, Amsterdam

Bridge to Better Future is

an ANBI-foundation

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Our program is intended for

  1. Migrants who are waiting for or have just received their status
  2. Vulnerable migrants (victims of human trafficking)
  3. Migrants who received a negative decision or those who have exhausted all legal remedies who have no chance of a status


  1. We want to provide proactive, early support to migrants who have received or are awaiting a status through coaching, study counseling, skills training, learning trajectories and job choice. It appears that for many the connection is missing and they are unnecessarily stuck in assistance

  2. We guide victims of human trafficking or other abuse and people with other trauma after their flight or long illegal stay to a dignified sustainable life and work. In this process, we guide people in how they can get up and stand up for themselves after abuse, in order to regain their self-esteem and  prevent the cycle of new exploitation.

  3. We equip foreign nationals who have exhausted all legal remedies and no longer have any prospects of legal residence and who wish to return voluntarily to their country of origin to make a choice based on the acquired skills and business skills. When people choose to return to their country, we ensure that they can return equipped, honorable and able to work for themselves and their communities.

    Of course we investigate whether the situation is safe enough. In an orientation phase, we also look at what is needed to take this step. When someone chooses, we get to work. For people who are really motivated, we make every effort to prepare them for a sustainable return. In addition to our basic training courses such as Empowerment and Future Orientation, we optimally prepare people in small-business training to to earn a small business income. When skills training is required or a short internship, we look for it tailor-made.


People without Dutch residence permits, wishing to return to their country of origin. Together we will see if the situation is safe enough. If this is the case, we get to work. In one or two coaching appointments it will be clear if someone really wants to return. This is a prerequisite for participating in our project. For people who are really motivated, we put our best efforts to prepare them for a sustainable return.