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Bridge  |  24 August 2020

Madame S. from Indonesië loves her children. Her great wish is that her children will be able to study. Years ago she came to the Netherlands to earn money for the study of her children back in Indonesia. 

In the Netherlands S. had a number of diverse jobs, yet life wasn't easy, especially because she didn't had a residence permit. S. felt homesick and missed her children and homecountry. This is why S. decided to go to Bridge to Better and review what her options are for return.

During the business training sessions, S. learned how to start a small business in Indonesia, so she can earn enough income in her homecountry. She developed a plan of building a studenthouse and rent out the student rooms. 

After finishing the business training, S. has returned to Indonesia and she is reunited with her family. On the pictures you see the construction of her studenthouse.